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Run your own Private Affiliate Network

Clickfire is a private affiliate platform - developed and hosted in Germany and compliant with all GDPR requirements. Clickfire covers the entire affiliate management and operation cycle and it provides exceptional support from out affiliate experts.

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Leading Internet Companies Trust in Clickfire


Clickfire offers a unique set of features to help your Affiliate-
and Influencer-Business thrive.

Build your own network

Chose your partners and affiliates yourself!

No more coupon websites, junk traffic, fake orders and shady accounts with dubious practises.

No additional dependencies, no third party technology or tracking. Clickfire does it all!

Sophisticated tracking functionality

Track either with IDs or use referral tracking for optimal SEO effects and flexibility.

Use international smart tracking to geo-locate users and forward them to branches or partners of yours in realtime.

Realtime analytics

Check out your best-performing channels, affiliates, product categories and top-sellers. See immediately which measures and campaigns lead to success and where your traffic comes from.

Learn from successful actions and replicate them - everything in one interface.

Easy Management of affiliates and influencers

Easy onboarding and management of all your affiliates.

See who’s performing and who isn’t.

Find gaps in your affiliate base and expand your affiliate community with simple measures.

Total transparency

Monitor every click, every purchase and every return.

No hidden spots, no loopholes.

Find out why Clickfire has a 100% trust level among affiliates from all over the world.

Automated Payment

Clickfire’s reward structure is totally flexible and payment is fully automized.

No hassle with taxes, contracts, fees, chargebacks, invoicing etc.

Expert assistance

Professional account management as well as influencer support and community management.

Maximize the performance of your affiliate network with CRM, monthly special offers, bonus programmes and competitions.

100% GDPR Compliance

Made in Germany, hosted in Germany, 100% compliant.

No ifs, buts or whens. Period.

Plug & play setup

Your Clickfire account can be setup within hours!

Choose if you want to self-service your affiliate or need help from the Clickfire team.

Clickfire in numbers

Clickfire is usually worthwhile for companies with e-commerce sales of EUR 5 million a year - or those with highest ambition within their vertical.

Million € Affiliate revenue
new features each year
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